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We have designed and created solutions for a variety of other businesses including;


Solicitors & Tax Advisers – Lex Consilium were using several different systems to manage their invoicing, CRM and internal accounting functions. We developed a system with them to manage all of these functions and more within a single database.


Health & Wellbeing - Axa Global Healthcare needed a database to record and report on international fraud. On successful delivery a second database was requested to link into the first but record a different area of the business. The too was delivered on time and on budget.


Nursery School – Offsprings Nursery needed to record the names of the children and their parents / carers but the primary function was to automatically assign children in to the correct group but also to forecast future capacity and optimise resource.


Satellite TV Engineers – Base Satellite needed to manage installation job sheets, viewing cards, packages and accounts.


Heating Engineers – Heatcover had contracted with a database designer previously but found that it wasn’t what they wanted. We created a system to manage the client base, annual contract renewals, accounting and engineer job sheets.


Golf business – CL Golf had been using a spreadsheet to manage booked tee times but it had become too complex particularly when trying to onboard new staff. We created a solution that simplified the process massively and provided a wealth of MI to support the growing business. As the business grew and moved into retail we incorporated EPOS to manage the shop sales and stock.


We can work with you to develop a solution tailored exactly to your business model and preferences. We work on a split cost basis where we subsidise the consultation and development work and then move to a monthly licencing agreement at a pre-agreed point in time. This helps both with your initial outlay and means that the system is supported and enhanced as and when required.


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