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Keith Penfold

You may recall that we migrated all our data from Freedom to the TP system which we were told was all singing and dancing with real time valuations. Well, not surprisingly, it’s rubbish. I would like to restore all the data and return to the Freedom software you provided previously … » more «

Jenny Smith

When we started looking for a client and business management system, we found that most of the obvious offers were over complicated and expensive to set up and use both in terms of capital expenditure and staff time. Having relied on slow and inefficient paper files, we choose Freedom because … » more «

Eden Whittaker BA(Hons) CertPFS CeMAP CeRER

We had spent ages looking for the most suitable back-office system for our firm.  We were 5 advisers and about the same in support so wanted something that would function well across a network.  We wanted something that was easy to use, did all the usual stuff for us and – crucially – interacted with our procedure of scanning all documents … » more «

George Anderson

After being an IFA for 16 years running my own business I came across ‘Switch On Solutions’.  Up until then I had not come across a system that I felt suited me as a sole trader.  I did not want to spend an excessive amount on a complicated system which had high set up and maintenance fees.  This system appealed to me since it was set up by an existing IFA working with his brother, who was an IT Specialist … » more

Robin Stamp dip PFS

After just a few months with Freedom, I can now instantly access all client files and data and my old Word and Excel files, thus producing fingertip valuations for my clients.  This has improved both the service I can offer to them and cut down on the donkey work.  It also allows me to keep track of funds under management and thus the underlying value of my business … » more «

Neil Liversidge

When I launched West Riding in 2004 I knew from the outset that I would need a proper database / client management system. Like most IFAs registering a new firm I was targeted by the sales departments of all the large and long-established purveyors of such systems. Most were web based. All did a lot of things I didn’t want whilst not doing some key things I did want … » more «