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Freedom - Client and Business Management database system

Key Features

Freedom is our flagship product and you will be amazed how simple it is to use. Why the name Freedom? Well that's what it gives you, the freedom to record as much or as little information on a client or a policy as you wish. On top of the above add,

...and much more all in a clear concise and easy to use format.

You can download a free demonstration of Freedom by selecting an option below. We have categorised these to allow you to quickly learn about the features of Freedom from different perspectives.

We also offer a full implementation service if required, including client standing data, products, funds, time sheets, trail commissions etc.

Freedom for administrators. (File size approx 3.8MB - demo lasts 20 minutes)
This deals with adding and amending clients and products, recording time and expenses and processing commission statements.

Freedom for advisers. (File size approx 4.6MB - demo lasts 20 minutes)
This looks at fund and sector analysis, writing to clients, the fact find, valuations and client charts.

Freedom for business owners. (File size approx 4.2MB - demo lasts 20 minutes)
Here we look at Income & Expenditure summaries, Adviser commissions, New Business Register, Funds under Management, Profit & Loss and future income forecasting.

Asset Allocation Modelling. (File size approx 0.8MB - demo lasts 3 minutes)
Released February 2009 - Asset Allocation Modeling provides Advisers the ability to create Asset Models and compare various client assets against their chosen risk profile and also view the impact of increasing or decreasing attitude to risk

Our demonstrations are only designed to provide an overview of Freedom. Please contact us to book an online no obligation live demonstration.

Cost options.

Freedom is distributed under a licence agreement.
Monthly rental is £125 per month for the entire firm and there are no additional per user charges.
Support and training is optional and can be tailored to your needs starting at £40 month.
We also provide a weekly fund and equity data feed that is again optional and costs £65 month. As well as updating fund values, this provides the ability to track the weekly value of your Funds under Management, powers our Comparative Asset Performance Statistics chart and provides a wealth of current and historic data including FTSE100 share index daily change, high, low and daily trading range (volatility), Bank of England Base Rate, Average House prices and RPI all in a format that is easily sorted by date or value.

Fee Writer - A complete Fee package

Fee Writer provides a complete fee based package to IFAs from fee quotes, to customer agreements, to client explanatory documentation which describes the approach the firm takes to charging fees. Fee Writer allows a firm to set certain parameters for their advisers but then allows each adviser to produce a standardised fee quote to each of the clients they meet. Advisers can select fixed fee agreements, hourly rate agreements or retainers dependent on the circumstances. The agreement can be signed by the client and it evens produces a completed Standing Order mandate where applicable.

Download a free demonstration of Fee Writer. (File size approx 2MB - demo lasts 10 minutes)

Cost options.

Fee Writer is available for a one off purchase price of £200 per Adviser.

Rate Setter - Charging rates, profitability and New Advisers

Rate Setter takes various input information into account to arrive at minimum charge-out rates for each adviser and administrator within a firm. A firm can use this information to justify the fees they charge. This tool also allows a firm to put a remuneration package and fee charging rate together for a new potential adviser to aid in negotiations in terms of recruitment.

Download a free demonstration of Rate Setter. (File size approx 1MB - demo lasts 5 minutes)

Cost options.

Rate Setter is available for a one off purchase price of £150.

FTSE 100 vs Dow Jones comparison chart

This is a free chart that compares the movement of the FTSE 100 index during the credit crunch period against that of the Dow Jones (adjusted values) during the Wall Street crash of 1929. Advisers are able to plot their predictions through to July 2011 and can then update the chart monthly with the actual closing values to assess accuracy.
On the chart, you can plot your projections along with the actual values as they occur and see how well you have predicted the market. If nothing else, you can see just how far the Dow Jones fell in relative terms and you can use this in discussion with clients as a historical piece of evidence. Download the chart for free by clicking here.

Small Project Service

Many IFAs like to create various internal tools, often in the Microsoft suite of programs, but lack the knowledge to complete the tasks as they would like.
This service was designed to help firms avoid spending excessive amounts of time trying to fix those internal documents and applications. Starting from just 25 we can provide you with application suitability, "how to" specific training, create something to your specification or even finish a part completed project for you. For more information please contact us.